Death Note: L - Change the World

After writing his own name in the Death Note in order to beat Light Yagami, L now has only 28 days before he dies of a heart attack. But L can't call it quits yet. Sent by F, L receives a mathematical genius child, whom witnessed his home village destroyed by terrorists armed with a deadly virus. Now, L must battle K and her group of terrorists, as they attempt to develop an antidote to save themselves before they release the deadly virus on the world. With the help of Maki, a girl who's father killed himself stopping the terrorists, and Sugura, a FBI agent looking for the Death Note, L must not only fight the terrorists, but also against the clock, ticking down on his life.
Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller
February 9, 2009
Death Note: L - Change the World, L: change the WorLd, Death Note Movie 3,L: change the WorLd,Death Note: L - Change the World
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